HOPE has a Vision for Missions



Hope Christian Fellowship's Missions Program presents a forward look at what God wants to do through a committed body of believers. We believe that through HCF, orphanages and churches will be established and teams will be sent out to encourage and help ministries and national pastors from around the world, and souls will be brought into the Kingdom of God. With God's favor, our giving, fundraisers and activities will accomplish the goals God has placed before us in these last days. Our prayer is that you will join us.




2015-2016 Mission's Banner



2014-2015 Mission's Banner



2013-2014 Mission's Banner



2012-2013 Mission's Banner 




Mission's Team:

Rev. Alfonso Galvano ~ Overseer

Rev. Efrain Torres ~ Director

Jesus Vega ~ Assistant Director

Aurora Vega ~ Secretary, Director of Hope for Life

Brandon Long ~ Computer/AV Tech

Michael Williams ~ Flag Specialist

Debra Campoli ~ Fundraisers, Mission's Offering Counter

Sue Maxey ~ Evangelism

Mattie Hampton ~ Money Counter

Patricia Lynch-Gause ~ Fundraiser Coordinator

Eddie Matos ~ Director of Evangelism

Lucila Matos ~ Director of No More Domestic Violence


On Stand By:

Dawn Reid, Lesia Jumper, Sonia Rodriguez, Dustine Saule

Glen & Jean Schuster (Mission’s Bottles/Photos)