A Faith Promise Offering is:


1. Between you and God. Not a pledge to the church.

    ~ He guides you to the amount. If you let God guide to the amount you should give to missions, God will provide.

    ~ You look to God to provide it; not to man, not to your own ability, but to God.

2. It is not part of your tithes & offering.

3. It is based not on what you can afford, but on what you cannot afford.


Faith Promise Ideas


~ Ask neighbors & family members for pop bottles and turn in the money

~ Bring in broken gold & jewelry

~ Pray believing you will receive what God spoke to your heart

~ Sell Candy

~ Ask God for ideas and don't be afraid to try new things

~ Ask people for their pennies

~ Encourage your family (husbands, wives, children) to take part & come up with ideas


Thank you for your giving. All contributions are tax deductible. Make sure that any Faith Promise offering has your name on it for credit.


Pastor Torres


Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15