Wednesday, September 26, 2012

7:00pm - Youth Service - Missions


Saturday, September 29, 2012

9:00am - Overcomer's Breakfast

4:00pm - 6:00pm - Coffee Klatch

Featuring desserts and coffees from around the world

6:30pm - Service

Speakers: Dr. David Wyns - Director of Barnabas Ministries Inc.


Sunday, September 30, 2012

10:30am - Sunday Service

Parade of Nations

Faith Promise

Speaker: Dr. David Wyns - Director of Barnabas Ministries Inc.

International Dinner to follow after Service






About Pastor Wyns:


Pastor Wyns, as he is affectionately known in Africa, comes to fan the flame of hunger for God in these challenging times.


After graduating Bible College, David married his wife Jeanne, who is an active partner in the ministry.


Pastor Wyns was born in London, England. He was educated in England, Canada and the United States. He received his Doctor of Ministries degree in 1989 from Vision Christian University.


David pastored two congregations in Connecticut, served as a missionary to Zimbabwe, Africa, and over the past thirty years has taught in three different Bible Colleges.


Presently the Wyns direct a Ministry of Encouragement called Barnabas Ministries. This is a ministry to the servants of God. Its influence is touching Asia, Africa, and Latin America.


Pastor Wyns is an itinerant teacher and preacher of the Word here in the United States and Canada. However, missions is still a major part of the ministry and at least three months of the year are spent overseas.


Both David and Jeanne are busy conducting seminars, retreats and emphasizing a deeper life and closer walk with the Lord. It is the aim to encourage Christians to live reliantly.


Dr. Wyns is the author of the book, "LIVING FRUITFULLY (Open Hands, Open Heavens)"



About Jeanne Wyns:


Jeanne Wyns, is a mother of three grown children, David Jr., Jonathan and Mary and grandmother to four boys and one girl.


Jeanne has taught Biblical studies in several Bible Colleges. After graduating from Bible college, she received her B.A. degree in Christian Education as well as her Masters in Biblical Studies form Orlando Seminary.


She has worked with her husband to pastor several churches as well as spending six years in Zimbabwe, Africa as a missionary-teacher. She and David are presently directing Barnabas Ministries, a ministry dedicated to the encouragement and help fo people in full-time ministry.


Jeanne also manages Barnabas Ministries as office manager. Overseas she and David lead teams, teaching pastors and pastors' wives in many developing nations.


God has used Jeanne in many areas to minister especially women in this country as well as foreign nations. God touches the lives of many through her compassion and understanding.


Prayer and Spiritual Warfare have become special topics of teaching in seminars and retreats. It is Jeanne's desire to preach and teach the Word with God's anointing.


Items of Interest:


Married in 1966 in Groton, Connecticut.



David Jr. Lives and works in Providence, RI. He has one son.

Jonathan and his wife Tracey pastor in Pennsylvania. They have three sons.

Mary is a Junior High School teacher in East Providence, RI and is married with one daughter.


Ministry (40 years):


Established Christian Day School in 1965

More than 16 years teaching in Bible College.

Teaching is a strong part of the Barnabas Ministry which both Jeanne and David have been involved in for 18 years.



For several years, we had the privilege of pastoring three different congregations.


David has a strong apostolic ministry in being able to assist in the establishment of churches and individual ministries. This has always been a joy both in the United States and on the mission field.



From the very beginning of our Christian experiences, we have felt a strong call to mission work.

Both active in college with mission activities.

David travelled with teams from 1972 and 1977 in Africa.

In 1977, we felt the call of God to go as a family to Zimbabwe, Africa. The ministry there of six years was very fruitful.

In 1987, Barnabas Ministries was founded - a non-denominational mission's ministry.



Some of the places we have been privileged to travel to in ministry include: Africa, Asia, West Indies, South America and Europe, in all, over 40 countries have been visited. Many countries we minister in on a a regular basis.



Dean of Men for seven years

Principal in two Bible Colleges

Executive Director of Barnabas Ministries

Assistant Superintendant (3 years) Rhodesia