Hope Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational church where worship is contemporary yet the messages are biblical. Our community is made up of a variety of races from all over the world. We offer children, youth, and adult programs as well as a full nursery.


We're glad you're here and hope you find everything you'd like to know about our community.

If you have any questions not answered here, simply contact us.


We're excited you're thinking about coming to visit us.


You'll find we're a warm community looking forward to your visit. Here are some common questions from our visitors:


Questions: Do I have to get up early?


Answer: You're more than welcome to join us for Sunday Morning Service which starts at 10:15 am.



Question: Do you expect my money?


Answer: Absolutely Not. As a visitor, we'd prefer you keep your money and enjoy your visit as our guest. Please come and join us with no obligation to give in any way. With that said, we do believe our regular attendees should give, something the Bible calls tithing. We don't ask regular attendees to give so the church can "take their money", but so they can enjoy the benefits from obeying God's command.



Question: Do I have to dress up?


Answer: We want you to come dressed in whatever you feel comfortable in. You'll find people dressed in an array of clothing ranging from suits and dresses to jeans and tee shirts and sometimes native African attire. The only request we make is you come modestly dressed.



Question: Do I have to turn my kids over to strangers?


Answer: No, however we do offer full nursery care and classes for children up to the age of 12. Rest assured, our teachers are fully qualified to take care of your children. You're more than welcome to keep your children with you or to join them in their class.



Question: Is your facility handicap assessable?


Answer: Our building contains a professionally installed chair lift.



Question: Is there an area where I can come early and/or stay later?


Answer: Yes, we have a cafe where you can come and relax before or after our services. Please come and make yourself comfortable.