Sunday Services 9:30am & 11:15am


The Remnant Assemble!

Though as the dust settles, arising out from the ashes like a radiant beam of hope, steps forth a band of youth who’s hearts are prepared to stand and face these challenging times warding off the evils of this world through upholding the truth of the Gospel of Christ. They may not leap tall buildings, run faster then a speeding bullet or hit hard than steel but through the life changing Word of The Most High our youth are H.E.R.O.S.
Apart from salvation the greatest gift Christ gave His disciples was TIME.
We minister to youth that come from broken families, abuse, betrayal, and experiences that would be a detriment to anyone who has lived through what some of these kids have been through. These things can only be known and ministered to by giving these youth time and showing them that they matter to us.
Time spent with the youth allows for us to build effective intimate trusting relationships with the youth. This fellowship allows for us to share scripture and speak Godly things into their lives. These are the things that will eventually give fruit and help them to develop into the disciples that God desires to be.
Lastly, disciples make disciples. If we can build disciples then the disciples that God used us to build will also do the same allowing for one day for these youth to be youth leaders, youth Pastors etc.

- Curtis Little, II


9:30AM & 11:15AM